Tuesday, August 24, 2010

little lovelies-smart wool

There is a little running store in Orem that I love. A few years ago, oh sad it was actually like 5 years ago, I needed to find some running socks that I could use in the winter. I was introduced to Smart Wool socks and I can say that my whole winter world changed in those brief minutes. They are super comfy, cozy socks yet are moisture wicking so your feet aren't completely stinky by the end of a workout. I actually use them more for cross-country skiing than winter running....well actually I use them the most while I just lounge around our freezing cold apt (probably making cookies) but that's another topic. For my b-day this year David bought me a bunch of hiking stuff and I was excited to find a cute new pair of Smart Wool socks thrown in there. Plus their headquarters are in Steamboat so that's just one more reason they are my fav. 
These beauties are the first pair I ever owned....don't you just want to wrap your little piggies around them and sip hot cocoa? No? Well maybe in a couple of months!

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Angie Lewis said...

Hey, I wore smart wool socks on my mission. They were fabulous. Unfortunately my dad stole them after I got home (I had guy's socks so they were big and thick to layer in the arctic windchill of Canada)...