Monday, July 26, 2010

Harrison Family Reunion

One of the perks about being back in CO is that we are FINALLY able to go to my family reunion. They have been having it in LaVeta, CO for the last 30+ years and this was the first year David has been able to come. Some of my favorite summer memories are from there, hanging around the cabin, talking with family and enjoying the beautiful mountains. It was really fun to be there with Grant and David. I was bummed that my brother and sister couldn't come with their families, hopefully next year. Grant was a good boy and thoroughly enjoyed himself during the trip. He mainly just watched people, tried to tag along with the older cousins, played in the dirt, chased the dog around and of course ate, ate, ate. I don't think I will ever get over how much this kid can eat. Seriously there has to be some kind of record or something.
Grant kept falling asleep during lunch. It was so funny. I did take a video but it's probably not that entertaining to watch unless you are a.) Grant's parents or b.) Grant's grandparents. Anyway use your imaginations it was pretty funny though.

I sure am glad Grant took his role of killing flies seriously. 

I'm glad that David had a fun time too. It seems like childhood things aren't as cool or interesting to others and I usually find myself saying "I guess you had to be there" or "it's different now" but when David told me that he would love to retire there I guess I can assume he had a fun time! 


Kat and Steve said...

Um, I really like the last picture of the 3 of you. That place looks so quaint and happy.

I hear ya about taking your husband back to your childhood. It never works out be quite as exciting as you described or remembered. But it sounds like your reunion was a success!

Ann-Marie said...

Cute picture of D & G! Hugh also is a serious fly hunter. It's hilarious.

Clay and Katy said...

Love that last picture!!!

myrna ence said...

Thanks for going to the reunion. I also have so many great memories, it was alot of fun with you all.