Sunday, June 13, 2010

Estes Park

For memorial day weekend we decided to check out Estes Park. We loved it. Loved it! We packed a little picnic and enjoyed the nice weather. It was a lot of fun to be outside together as a family and experience something different. Grant thoroughly enjoyed the picnic-he just sat there on the blanket and looked around while eating his fruit and sandwich. What a cheap date! 

The Shining was filmed in Estes Park and we were able to drive by the hotel and also see Jack Nicholson who was there for a book signing....or was he????
Estes Park is a really pretty place-there are a lot of hiking trails that we will hopefully be able to try out this summer.
On Monday we went to a memorial day parade, I always get so emotional during parades. I love seeing all the kids dressed in red, white and blue. I love hearing the sirens go off and seeing all the old men and women waving at everyone. Grant was drawing quite a crowd himself. He always kicks up his feet while in the stroller, I don't think he even noticed everyone commenting on it. Hey a little boy needs to air out every once in a while right? After the parade we had a BBQ with friends and spent the day enjoying the warm weather. Too bad David can't have every Monday off! 

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Clay and Katy said...

we used to always go up to estes park when i was little...i have great memories of spending time there with all of my extended family!! how fun! and it looks like grant is practically walking...what a big boy!!!