Tuesday, June 22, 2010

14 months

Well he is definitely not a baby anymore. Everyone always says that each stage gets more fun and I totally believe it now. He is so much fun to watch and hang out with everyday. His little personality is starting to show through and I LOVE it! He is generally a pretty happy easy going boy. 

-he is walking EVERYWHERE! he has been walking for a little over a month unassisted but just in the last couples of weeks he has really started exploring. he actually likes to run around too. i chase him around the house and he giggles and runs away. so cute!
-still loves listening to David play the guitar, he is nice enough to let Grant strum it and boy oh boy does he get excited about that.
-likes to be read to
-he is starting to learn to fold his arms for prayers. oh my goodness talk about sweet.
-loves to watch 'nacho libre' 
-he always carries things in his hands-straws, bowls, cars, phones, and walks around talking into them like they are phones. i hope that's not too girly-just social right? he paces around while 'talking' just like his mama. 
-likes to hide and play 'peek-a-boo'
-he is really trying to talk but still doesn't say much, well anything that is understandable besides 'mama' and 'dada'
-loves to people watch and is always so curious with what is going on

We sure do love you billy Grant! 


Angie Lewis said...

Wow, he is growing up so much. He's such a cute boy, Jodee! Glad you are enjoying him! :)

Ruth said...

Oh Wow- its amazing how a few months goes by and he's now this little boy instead of a baby. Hopefully things work out that we can get together sometime while we are in Colorado next week.

myrna ence said...

What a cute picture!! Getting excited to see you all in a few days.

Macdonalds said...

Oh he's so cute!

Kat and Steve said...

Little Mini-David! Have I said that before? What a cute and fun kid. He seems so happy just to be alive!

I meant to tell you thanks for the little swimming trunks. They came in the mail just hours before we left on our vacation, so it was PERFECT timing! They fit great and they are, of course, adorable. So THANK YOU!