Monday, February 8, 2010

When it rains it pours

Sheesh just when I thought my life was turning into the movie "Groundhog Day" I up and had a crazy busy week. I loved it! I love play dates, girls nights, baby showers, parties and enrichment or whatever it is now called! I sure loved being home relaxing with Grant today though! LOVED IT!

He has had quite the week himself! It was like he grew up overnight. One day I found him standing in his crib...that pretty much gave me a heart attack. The next day I noticed he has a tooth trying to pop it's way into the world. He slithers around EVERYWHERE but one day he was hungry enough that he actually crawled over to where I was to get some food, with cereal puffs in chub-a-lub cheeks he slithered back over to his toys. One day I walked in and found the dvd's all over the room....and then all the wii stuff about an hour later. Yesterday I noticed another tooth that wants to keep #1 company. Oh and he knocked over my spinach/blueberry smoothie which surprise surprise stained the carpet! What kind of mother leaves a smoothie on the floor you may ask? The kind of mother who is suffering from a heart attack and bent over putting away dvd's that's what kind of mother! There is beauty in renting right???

Anyway he sure is a busy busy boy....well at home anyway. Whenever we are out in public he just lays on the floor and stares at his hands or positions himself on his side to seduce the ladies. He's a goofball but we sure love him!


Clay and Katy said...

wow...what a big boy! standing in his crib, oh man! you are in trouble. way to go grant you little crawler...would love to see that in action!

Kat and Steve said...

My first thought was that that was poop on the floor. Stain or not, I'd rather scrub smoothie off the carpet than poop! He really is getting so big, and looking more and more like his Dad!

myrna ence said...

Spinach and blueberry smoothie!! I would spill that right down the sink, yuck!! I am needing a grandma fix in Wisconsin. What a cutie!

The Toland Tots of Tanglewood said...

Awesome....this is the part that everyone talks about being a busy mom...keeping your kid out of EVERYTHING!!! As for the smoothie, I still leave drinks on the floor thinking they'll be safe! My only concern is spinach and blueberries?!?!? YUCK!