Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas in Osh Kosh

Yes we went to Osh Kosh. Yes the Osh Kosh where Osh Kosh B'Gosh is located. Yes we actually paid for gas and took the time to go there. Yes it is very industrial and yes we will gladly live in Butler rather than Osh Kosh. But...yes we had a blast being there as a family touring the Paine Mansion Nutcracker.

Way back when there was a successful man (Nathan Paine) that owned several lumber mills in the area. He eventually wanted his house to become an art gallery or museum....which is exactly what happened. During Christmas they decorate it to look like scenes from The Nutcracker. It was SSSOOO pretty and really helped us to get even more excited about Christmas. I'm really sad because we were only allowed to take pictures in the front room. The rooms were decorated really neat-upside down trees, tables and tables of cakes/cookies/sweets, various nutcrackers. I've been trying to find pictures online but no such luck!

And of course Grant had to bring his tongue!!!

These books were set up to guide you from room to room as it told the story of The Nutcracker
We are getting so excited for Christmas! Grant has been begging and begging me to take him to see Santa. Since he has been a good little boy I think maybe we'll scoot on over to the mall tomorrow and see the jolly ol' man! Hopefully Grant gets everything on his wish list....diapers, food, computer cord and a large piece of furniture (make that two) to bonk his head on!


Kat and Steve said...

I didn't even know there was such a place as Osh Kosh. Now I can think of you every time I dress my child!

Deters said...

Was there a huge outlet store there of Osh Kosh B'Gosh's? We are all about the outlets. That house looks awesome! Are you guys going to Craig this year for Christmas?

Trista said...

Grant is such a cutie! I didnt even know there was such a place! Love it

myrna ence said...

That is so bosh that you got to go to Osh Kosh!! Those pictures are so cute of the little tongue man riding on the rocking horse. Getting so excited to see everyone!!

Jill said...

The house looks beautiful. How fun to see at Christmas time! Grant seems to have grown up overnight - what an adorable little man you have there!