Saturday, January 9, 2010

that is sooo 2009

Sheesh Christmas was forever ago and I'm now getting around to blog about it. Why you may ask? Well one boy (David) has strep and the other has a double ear infection. Boo. Don't let that fool you though, Grant was all smiles at the doctor's office. He's been fairly happy----we just have to make sure we're either jumping in front of mirrors or playing peek-a-boo and he's fine, once those things stop then we're in trouble!

Ok back to Christmas....we had a wonderful time in Colorado visiting both of our families. Some of the Harrison clan drove up to spend Christmas with us too which was a lot of fun! Grant did pretty good on the trip...however he started making these crazy faces and puppy sounds every once in awhile which was weird but I guess he left that habit in CO because he's back to normal now!

We opened our presents from each other a few days before we left for CO, Grant got a piggy bank and some books. He is one smarty pants kid and had a grip on that pig the whole night!

Playing with some of his cousins....

We had a little candlelight/talent night at my parents house, it was a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.

All of the Luke crew got college jammies and I think Grant's are pretty much the cutest thing out there! I'm afraid we'll need these in every size, got to start 'em young right???

It was so fun to listen to Christmas music, watch Luke 2, exchange gifts (we had a white elephant exchange which Grant wound up getting some lottery tickets and won $24....good thing we bought a piggy bank!!!) read Christmas stories and just laugh and be together as a family! Darn it, if only there was a way to move Kohl's closer to our family. ;)

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Clay and Katy said...

um i totally love those jammies...i need to get them for my boys in every size too i think!!! sounds like a good time in colorado!