Monday, July 20, 2009

home again home again

A week or so ago we made the looong trek back to colorful Colorado to visit family, friends and to bless Grant. We had such a great time and we're already counting down the days for our next visit home. Grant did fairly well on the 24 hour drive, he didn't like Laramie WY but who does??? Sorry Michelle! Some of the highlights...

*seeing high school friends -as in friends I went to high school with not high schoolers right now;)
*4 wheeling
*Grant was able to meet ALL of his cousins
*having other people watch Grant
*going to the movies without a baby (yes I did miss him but it was so nice to not worry!)
*visiting the Donohues (and Ashley J who happend to be there) in Denver
*seeing the stars at night
*jumping on the trampoline

Sorry this is such a picture overload!
Grant and Kevin...7 weeks apart

Jordan testing out twins!

Jordan playin' with his new cousin

Enjoying the beautiful scenery

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