Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Me Bersday Weekend

Since my b-day fell on a Sunday (29th) this year we decided to celebrate on Saturday. We went out early in the morning and picked strawberries (why I wore my nice clothes to pick berries is beyond me) and then headed over to Cedarburg for Strawberry Days. I really love festivals and all the fun food and booths. This time we finally realized that when we go to a festival we always end up buying food that we don't normally get because afterall this is a "special" occasion. So we buy this ridiculous priced food and end up being hungry and displeased with the choice. Those days are over. If I want a slice of pizza and it sounds good I will buy it-I don't care if I'm at "Mexican fest" I'll eat pizza and save the $10. I'm just going to stick with what I know. Kettle Korn---yes, chocolate covered strawberries--yes,

I'm so buying one of these little $9 babies when David isn't looking.

After Strawberry Days we drove down to the outlets--and bought David some clothes ;) then went out to Texas Roadhouse....and left our boxed leftovers on the table! How come I never seem to leave food at McDonalds but when I pay good money for a yummy salmon I manage to jump in the car empty handed? Sigh.

Ok I lied I did snag this cake pan at the outlets! It actually tasted pretty good if I do say so myself.

*Favorite B-day moment....having one of my primary kids wish me a "Happy Birthday" and opening the plastic Sports Authority bag to find a Nike+ (how in the world did hubby know that's what I wanted....hum...I wonder. Thanks babe!)


Lindsey said...

I hope you had a good birthday. I really did mean to call you. Promise. Sorry, but it sounds like you had a weekend of fun. I love strawberry festivals. My favorite, so many yummy strawberry things. How did Dave manage to go shopping for clothes on your bday weekend? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Anyways, sorry I missed it. Love ya!

Kat and Steve said...

Those checkerboard cakepans are so cool. I have one, but my cakes never look quite that good. It really is unfortunate that you're so far away and can't teach me some of your tricks!

Clay and Katy said...

happy birhtday jod!!!!!!! sounds like you had a good weekend...that cake looks so yummy :)

Jason and Randa said...

I love going all out at festivals. We just spent $50 on popcorn and snow cones at the circus. The food cost more than the tickets half the time!

Ann-Marie said...

Yea for birthdays! Yea for you!!! I'm glad you had fun! Good job Dave on spoiling Jodee!!!