Friday, June 20, 2008

Boo on Goodbyes

I've decided that I'm done making friends....they all move..or we move. Last night we had to say bye to our good friends the Donohues. I have a whole mix of emotions about this....happy for them, sad, jealous (I mean they are moving to Denver), excited, lonely etc. I just can't believe we only had 1 year of hanging out with them. Boo. Last week we all decided to go to Six Flags for one last hoopla and I am so happy that we followed through with that plan. Funny because I was so paranoid that the stamp to get back in the park would wash off when I used the bathroom or went to the waterpark and that I would have to pay again or something. I mean it was faded and not placed on my hand very well to begin with. Yeah that lil' bugger stayed on for days...and yes I did shower and wash my hands.

Anyway thanks for great memories Donohues!!!!


Kat and Steve said...

Strange. All of our friends seem to move away too! Such a bummer. The funny thing is that we don't seem ti replace them as fast as they leave. Oh well, looks like you had a fun weekend.

Jason and Randa said...

That's why Jason and I don't have any friends. We're just protecting ourselves. And I hate those stamps. We have them on our hands from the beginning of football season all through basketball season.