Sunday, April 27, 2008

One year???

On this day last year David and I were getting ready for our graduation ceremonies. Yes I am aware that I was one of the lame people that walked before they graduated but who cares I graduated right? Plus I would be totally lame if I flew from Milwaukee in December to attend a graduation in if BYU needs me to spend any more money on them! It's just such a bitter-sweet feeling being done. I actually really miss it, well I miss the learning aspect...I don't miss student teaching AT ALL. Some of my favorite things about BYU/Provo....

*the Richards Building, I know that sounds silly but whenever I would have a stressful day (like after Russian class) I would go sit in the RB and life would be good again.
*the Smith Field House--see above
*BYU Football games/Basketball games...sure at the time I just talked with friends or watched the cheerleaders but looking back I'm really glad I went to the games
*walking around campus and feeling so blessed to live in a beautiful world
*my aerobics teacher Kimberly
*the chocolate milk from the vending machine
*attending plays, concerts etc either for a class or to see friends or family
*having my sister-in-law do my makeup for her classes
*Dr. Lindsay's class
*going to work with David at BYU-radio
*looking on the student teaching wall and anticipating the day when I would be done with school!

Some memories that I would be ok without
*Walking the long stretch to the bookstore to realize it was closed for devotional and everyone looking at my like I was a sinner for not going to devotional.
*The whole messy process of figuring out if I could student teach in WI. Wowzers that was a nightmare!
*Waiting in the Tanner building for David to get out of class, and I was the ONLY person not in a dress or top it off I usually wore sweaty gym clothes.
*Russian homework....EVERYDAY!

It's just funny yet sad how fast time goes. My whole BYU experience I just felt like "I want to graduate" and now that I'm done I really miss all the fun times and wish I would have relaxed and made the most of it. Oh well there's always a Masters right? Wrong!


Angie Lewis said...

Yeah, definitely bitter-sweet... I think school is a love/hate relationship for most people! :)

Mark and Tawni said...

It's crazy how time flys by. I remember the days when I was little and a year went by so slow. I guess I am still a kid at heart because from my birthday to the next still seems really long. But that Roxy is going to be a year old in a month and a half I can't believe. Now that makes me feel old.

Addie Gaylord said...

you know it's real love when you take a russian class for your husband:) So do you speak russian pretty good?

Michelle Williams said...

I totally understand what you are saying. I remember walking around campus during the spring of my last semester and feeling sad to leave. I am trying to get more out of it this time around.