Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oh Donna Jo

Well today I was at the gym wishing that something good was on the tv when lo and behold Candice Cameron (Donna Jo Tanner...aka DJ from Full House)was on the VIEW! I must say I've never watched the VIEW but today I was totally hooked (until they brought on another guest). It was so awesome because Candice was talking about how she gave up acting to be a stay-at-home mom, I always knew that I could be just like DJ! It was just nice to hear of a successful person (laugh all you want, she is successful) make the decision to have a family. I guess all those Tanner Family Fun nights really paid off! I really do learn life lessons from Full House!


Unknown said...

I saw this on TV and thought of you. Maybe if you're good, Santa will bring it to you. :)

Kat and Steve said...

I was a big DJ fan myself. But Stephanie was my favorite because she was the middle sister like me; we had a special bond that way. How embarassing. I'm glad you got some nice, clean entertainment at the gym!

Michelle Williams said...

Michelle was my favorite for obvious reasons :)

I always love catching up on your blog!