Monday, May 20, 2013


Tater tot...she's like the wise older sister. She is pretty mellow and likes to study everything. People say she looks more like a Luke and Kate looks more like an Ence. I just think they're both equally cute and fun! Tatum has wild hairs in the back that remind me of Jack Nicholson or something. I love it! These girls are getting harder to tell apart. A little while back we noticed that Kate has little dimples on her right ear, it's a perfect spot to have a difference.

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Angie Lewis said...

The girls are gorgeous! And yes, I one blogs anymore because everything is on fb and everything else (me included)...don't give up though! I love the blog entries and still feeling connected to what you guys are doing! Good luck in CA! It is exciting to get out on your own after MBA school, despite being a little sad to leave everyone. I still stay in touch with my fun MBASA friends all over the country! :)