Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christmas past....

This little boy is by far my favorite side kick these days. He was absolutely in love with Christmas this year. He'd talk about Santa and flying Reindeer, he'd comment how certain Santa's weren't real since they didn't have a "ball" on their hats etc. His favorite thing this Christmas season? Charlie Brown. He read and read and memorized every Charlie Brown Christmas book and movie he could snag. It was quite humorous and incredibly sweet. Here's a little peek at his obsession. BTW David and I had no part of this, totally learned it on his own.

I probably was a little more on the Scrooge side this year and didn't always feel up to sliding around on the ice and freezing my tushy off. We still managed to do some fun things inside our nice crowd-free, warm home. 

All Grant asked for from Santa was a Dream Lite. Yes a Dream Lite. I'm just as confused as you are about how anyone could come up with this idea and charge too much for it and people actually buy it. Anyway he was over the moon about having it.

We also surprised him with this beauty.  He absolutely loves it (who wouldn't? Didn't we all want a power wheels car at some point?!) and will put little treasures in it each day, go through the "drive thru" for his breakfast and lunch and make sure it's locked up and full of gas each night. I love watching him pretend and expand his imagination.

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Melinda said...

That video of Grant quoting Charlie Brown's scripture section is absolutely adorable!! Very precious! So glad you caught that, and share it. Glad to see your growing family is doing well!