Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I know you are all dying to know each detail of our holidays and you've been waiting and waiting for me to post about Halloween. Well friends, the wait is over. This was probably my favorite Halloween with Grant. He is old enough to enjoy crafts and loved wearing his costume to multiple parties. Last year we debated between Alvin and Nacho. We decided on Alvin and lucky for us my nephew was Nacho, which meant we could easily borrow the outfit this year. Grant was in heaven! He'd go around quoting the movie and would give us an "anaconda squeeze" before bed. I can't get enough of this costume. I think it's hilarious!

All three (or five) of us were a hit at the MBA and ward parties. David was an inflatable ostrich....random and funny. I went as a double stuff Oreo. I have a thing for Oreos and this was a great opportunity to dress up with the twins. My dad worked hard making my costume, it turned out great. 

In typical Grant fashion, he refused to wear his shirt or even cape while trick-or-treating. In typical Jodee mode, I was more worried about being reported than I was about his well being. He was slow as molasses as we wondered from house to house. His OCD was in full force that night. He MADE sure he said "trick-or-treat" and "thank you" AND " happy Halloween" to each and every neighbor. If he forgot anything we'd have to go back and say it. He didn't dare say it from the street or even set foot on the grass to quickly run up to the door. Sweet? Absolutely! Annoyingly long night? Most definitely!

He still talks about Halloween and loves to turn all the lights off and declare that it is in fact Halloween. I hate it. I really do. I'll be in the middle of doing dishes or reading when all of the sudden it's pitch black. I hope this goth phase ends soon. 

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Kat and Steve said...

LOVE the Nacho costume. One of the funniest movies of all time, for sure. Grant rocks the leggings and the stach!