Friday, July 13, 2012

long overdo

You know those blog posts that you just dread writing? The update on a new baby that is now 3? Christmas...which was 8 months ago? You just feel too overwhelmed to even begin. That's how this has been. Heaven knows I have the time to blog these days but I've just been too lazy I suppose.....

So we moved to Phoenix the beginning of June. Perfect timing right?!?! We're just here until the beginning of August, David is doing an internship at PetSmart's corporate office. He is really enjoying the experience and it's nice to not have him worry about studying. 

What do Grant and I think of it? I'm not going to lie, it's a little slice of heaven most days. Unless it's super crazy hot than it's basically the opposite of heaven! Honestly though, PetSmart hooked us up in a Hilton Homewood Suite. Sounds kind of miserable at first but when you really think about it it's pretty awesome. The most cleaning I do everyday is put my dirty towel on the floor! Done. I don't have to worry about utilities and can crank that ac way up. They make dinner for us Mon-Thurs, sure it's your typical large group Costco type food but hey it's free, and they have a decent breakfast everyday too. Grant and I hangout at the hotel gym and swim almost everyday. We've made friends with the staff and also another intern wife and child. How many opportunities do mothers have to just spend 100% of their day with their children? No cooking, no cleaning, no job. I'll admit some days we get bored and wish it wasn't so hot out but I'm trying to just take advantage of this time with Grant. 

My sister lives on the other side of the valley but I've probably visited her more times in one week that in a whole year! I love having little cousins around for Grant. One of my best friends from high school lives here too so I've been able to spend time with her as well as friends from WI. 

This is how we spend most of our days. He's turned in to quite the little fish and has a pretty sweet tan line. It's been a fun summer.


Angie Lewis said...

That is seriously awesome! I want to live in a hotel for a little while and have people cook and clean for me! For our internship we lived with a family and I nearly went nuts! Sounds fun. Do you get to see the Pothiers and the Lundgrens? Wish you were in P-town cuz we are going to visit for the next 3 weeks. We'll probably be gone about the time you head back! :(

Kat and Steve said...

Well. I love your posts as always. Thanks for another good chuckle. Ummm, grant looks like he left toddlerhood behind in these pics. You've got a little boy on your hands for sure. Where's the Kleenex? Sheesh, these kids need to slow down.