Sunday, June 10, 2012


If you happen to be reading my blog and you also happen to be searching for an MBA program and you also happen to be considering BYU let me assure you, you will not regret coming here! I'll be honest I wasn't overly excited to return to Provo. I felt too old, too "mom-ish", I've never ran Ragnar and I don't have fake eyelashes. Now I'll be honest and tell you that I want to live in Provo for the rest of my life. What???

Why do I love being here so much? Maybe it's the gorgeous mountains that I never get tired of looking at. Maybe it's my neighborhood and home. Maybe it's the clear sunny skies. Maybe it's MBASA. What in the world is MBASA?! Master of Business Administration Spouse Association. It's basically a glorified Relief Society program. Just because the MBA students are meeting new people and developing relationships doesn't mean the spouses can't right?

Some of the things we've done over the last year include (sadly I was at work most night so I didn't attend year, next year)

-book club
-park days
-guest speakers, including Richard and Linda Eyre and their daughter Saran, Sheri Dew, BYU professors
-running group
-I taught a few aerobics classes
-girls nights
-fondue night
-music and sports classes for kids
-a HUGE yard sale where everything is FREE
-international cooking classes
-cake decorating
-lots of service projects, especially for each other-meals, babysitting, helping new Utahans adjust
-seminars on nutrition, home decor, hair cutting, budgeting, parenting etc.

Two of my favorite activities included the overnight girls trip. A few weeks before graduation we went up to Aspen Grove and had a nice catered dinner and then just hung out without kids for the night! It was so nice to just spend time with friends.

We also had a family field day that was complete with drumroll.....COSMO!!! Grant was beyond thrilled. He just stood in awe as Cosmo entered. He was the first to give him a high five and man alive that boy was excited. It was wonderful to have Cosmo to ourselves for a few hours. Later that night we went to the BYU baseball game and had another fill of Cosmo!

I seriously love the MBA program and how it's helped shape our family. If you ever need convincing to scoot on over this way, just give me a call. I really feel so lucky to be here right now and to be part of such a worth while association.


Angie Lewis said...

So glad you are having fun! I loved MBASA and still keep in touch with friends because of it! Your post actually made me miss those days and feel a bit jealous!

Lindsey said...

I am so sad that it's over! Those 2 years were some of the funnest of my life.