Thursday, October 6, 2011


I am going to safely assume that I am not the only one who has wonderful childhood memories boxed away....favorite board games, movies, Barbies, trolls etc. There have been numerous times I've pulled out my collections or watched movies with David only to discover that maybe they weren't as cool as I thought, or even worse I can't really describe to David how adorably cute my cat looked in little bonnets being pushed in the stroller. It's hard to relive the past.

Well I am here to say that being back in Provo has exceeded all expectations. Infact it's almost better this time because I'M NOT IN SCHOOL!!!! Don't get me wrong I really loved my classes and being on campus day after day but this whole "spouse thing" is a pretty sweet gig if you ask me! David actually prefers this to undergrad as well! 

For example, I have a student ID just like the "real" students so I too can get discounts around Provo, sporting events and have access to the weight room. (btw when did they remodel that and what the heck took so long?) I love that I can walk around campus and not have to worry about printing things off for class or rushing around. And it seems like everyone vacations in Provo so it's nice to be able to go visit with old friends and not have to juggle school/work. Yesterday we met David for lunch and I took Grant through my old building and about started to cry when he touched his hand all along the hallway. It reminded me of Pres. Monson saying "when you touch the temple, the temple touches you." Ok I'm only half serious but I just had such a wonderful experience at BYU that I want Grant to recognize what a great place it really is. If you are jealous of my super awesome life, don't be! I'm basically living in a mailbox and eating beans and rice everyday....which would be fine if I was a missionary in Brazil but us "state-side member missionaries" prefer a little luxury every now and then;)

Granty pants loves the games, and mainly the fight song! 

 Carly was our little bud during the game and wanted to be in the picture too! I'm so glad she was there to play with Grant!
 strenuous day of being carried up to the "Y"-take a break dude, you deserve it!


Anna said...

does your husband work for BYU? Mike just started last month in the broadcasting building, so I too get great perks because of it. =)

David and Jodee said...

Oh Anna I wish he was working there! He's getting his MBA right now, we'll be here for 2 yrs and then who knows where!

Ann-Marie said...

I am sooooooo happy that you are loving it so much! I bet it is gorgeous right now with the leaves. :) How often do you go up on campus?

Miriam said...

Aw the good Provo life! It really would be quite fabulous to be in Provo without the stresses of school. Blissful really. Live it up! We miss you guys.

Kat and Steve said...

Oh, you crack me up. Love your wit, Jod.

Glad you're having a good experience. I know you had your hesitations, so this is great!