Thursday, May 5, 2011

picture overload....

A few weeks ago Grant woke up, let us change him, got in the car without a fight, sat like a rag doll in the cart while I went to not one but TWO grocery stores, didn't whine for a treat or movie etc. We were convinced that he was sick. We even babied him all day because he was "sick". Then he acted like that the next day, then the next and the next! WHAT??? We call this the "2 yr old Billy Grant" and we gladly welcome him to stay....which will be short lived now that I wrote all this. Some things about my favorite little boy-

-REALLY into trains right now, every moving thing says "choo choo", he'll even get out the batteries and screwdriver to fix the broken toy trains 
-he gets this shy little look when he's around people and tries to not smile or look them in the eye
-loves jumping on our bed all day long
-he'll scratch his "whiskers" and say "hummm" when you ask him a question
-eats insane amounts of grapes and bananas-basically any and all fruit
-oh and have you met Ernie? This is Grant's hernia named Ernie. They are bff's, Ernie is always there for Grant and helps him through difficult tasks such as trying new foods, meeting new people etc. He is also a good companion when Grant is excited, happy, nervous, scared. We tease about Grant going on dates or taking the SAT and Ernie "talking him through it" oh what will we do when he has to be removed? Maybe there is an "Ernie patch" or something. 

We were on our way to Provo for David's sister/bro in-law's graduations. We stopped at Grandma/pa Ence's and celebrated Grant's b-day. He blew out the candle and started eating as we were singing to him. What can I say-this kid knows what he wants! He may be like his daddy in every other way but this kid can pound the ice-cream like his mama!

Do I look like a proud parent or what? This picture totally cracks me up, I took a picture for another family and they insisted they take one of the three of us. 
Grant sat there and cheered and clapped for every person in Laurel's graduating class. What a polite little boy.
We were lucky enough to be with family on his b-day, we went to a park and let him just run around with his new toys...and of course eat more cake! We love you baby Grant!!!


Ann-Marie said...

The picture of you at graduation is my new favorite. I LOVE your hair! I LOVE your outfit! I love your makeup! You look beautiful! Lucky Dave!

Emily said...

You look so gorgeous! I agree! And that Ernie the hernia has me cracking up. love it!

Kat and Steve said...

You look so great in that grad picture! A proud sister-in-law! Really though, it's super cute. We loved having you guys at our house. Even Ernie was a welcome guest! Grant is hilarious.