Tuesday, May 18, 2010

little lovelies-ice-cream

For years I've seen people blog about things they love or some of their favorite items/memories. It's fun to read these and learn more about my friends. I have also tried a few of these "favorite items" just because they sparked my interested. Different cleaning supplies, foods, beauty products etc. Lately I've been feeling like this blog is a tribute to Grant-which don't get me wrong the kid is cute and about 90% of my day revolves around him, but I also want to have a document on the things that make me happy besides my little {and big} dude(s). So...I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and write down my thoughts.....first up. ICE CREAM!!!!

Oh how I love this yummy yummy stuff. Love it. LOOOVE IT! I used to have 2 bowls a day growing up. One giant bowl after school and another one after dinner. I used to sit there and play Nintendo on the banana chair with a my mint chocolate chip right by my side. Ah who needs good grades anyway?

The other day I was wanting to practice making flowers for cakes and decided to try to making a Dairy Queen cake because let's be honest they are fantastic. (BTW is it just me or is their chocolate xtreme blizzard not the greatest thing ever?) My frosting didn't set right for the leaves so there are a few splotches where I attempted and then backed out. The cake was easy to make but pretty rich. Oreos, fudge, triple chocolate ice-cream....atleast the oreos were reduced-fat! Pretty sure that doesn't mean I can scarf down the whole cake though.

There was a place in WI called Sweet Peas. Oh my it was fantastic. They had the best cake batter ice-cream--I talked about it for weeks. Seriously. If only there was a way to ship it.


Clay and Katy said...

Oh how I love DQ or 'The Queenie' as Jack calls it!!! CLay is a big chocolate extreme fan...I on the other hand love the reese pb cub blizzard. Your flowers look so pretty...what a yummy looking cake.

Angie Lewis said...

Um, how do you look the way you do if you ate 2 bowls of ice cream a day?! If I did that i would weigh 360 pounds... How's Colorado?! :)

Nicki said...

Ditto on Angie's comment! Please, your secret! You are missed. How are ya? Your cake looks amazing. I wish I could pop on over and have a bite.

Emily said...

You and your cake creations, I seriously want to grab a fork and eat that whole thing.

Ashley Johnson said...

Where is this Sweet Pea place? Why haven't I heard of it? I must go there--I hear it calling me!