Saturday, May 1, 2010

craziest week of the century

I swear we set a new record of cramming the most we could into a fourteen day span. Let's see....

Thursday (the 15th)- David resigns from Kohl's
Friday- super quick good-byes to friends
Saturday- movers came and loaded up our stuff, drove to Lincoln NE
Sunday- drove to Craig, CO
Monday- family BBQ, David learned how to install new brakes (with the help of my dad and uncle) we'll just keep our $500 thank you very much Midas.
Tuesday- drove to Pleasant Grove UT and had a BBQ with friends
Wednesday- session at the Provo temple with family
Thursday- Grant's birthday (more to follow), manicures with the girls
Friday- witnessed the sealing of my cute sister in-law and new bro in-law, luncheon, reception
Saturday- drove to St. George, sealings in the temple, Court of Honor for my nephew (of course another BBQ)
Sunday- drove to Denver, stayed with the Donohues
Monday- moved into our apartment
Tuesday- David flew to MN for work, my mom came to keep Grant and I safe...uh I mean unpack
Wednesday- try to get back to a normal life!

It was a crazy week but I am so grateful that we were able to be at all these wonderful and important family events. I think I've hit up every fast food place in the west! Sheesh!

So yes for those who didn't know we did indeed move back to CO. David really enjoyed working for Kohl's but when the opportunity presented itself we couldn't refuse the chance to move closer to family....and mountains. We have really enjoyed it so far- minus the loud thumping of a bass that has been blaring through my window for about an hour! Last night we ate at Cafe Rio and were surrounded by mormons. It was like a little mini Provo! Overall I think it's going to be a great place for us right now!


Clay and Katy said...

craziness!! sounds like so much fun!! glad you are all moved and getting settled! love the last picture of you with look great and he is so adorable :)

Lindsey said...

It is exhausting just reading all that! I'm glad you are finally in your new place. I want to see pictures from the wedding!

Ann-Marie said...

Lindsey is right---exhausting! How exciting though! But did you have to mention Cafe Rio???

Cara Grenny said...

Moving is the worst huh?! But that is fun you are closer to family. Also Grant looks SO DANG CUTE in that last photo!

Dustin Ence said...

Thanks for making it down to Jordan's Court of Honor. I know it was a busy week for you guys. We are looking forward to coming out to Denver some time.

Angie Lewis said...

The Tates told us about your move. That's awesome. How nice to be near family again, although you'll be missed in WI. Too bad we're moving to TX or we'd be kinda close to you. Good luck with adjusting to your new life :)

Kat and Steve said...

Glad you survived! And I'm especially glad you made time for a visit with the girls! It was so good to see you.