Thursday, February 18, 2010

v-day recap

We are pretty boring when it comes to Valentine's day but I don't seem to mind. I DID get a card with a kitten on it so I was happy! If only it would have been dressed up in some costume....there's always next year. Saturday morning I ran an 8k race. 
It was cold. 
It was crowded.
I got bottlenecked like every 12 steps. 
My pictures got deleted.

After the race we had a yummy lunch at Il Mito's in Wauwatosa. It was SO so so good. We figured we skip the dinner crowds and celebrate v-day with Grant by having a fun lunch. I'm already planning our next excuse to eat there!

On Sunday I attempted to make fondue without a fondue pot. Hum. I've had better meals;) It was still fun to try something new. 

I sure love all my friends and family...and I suppose my two men! 

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