Thursday, October 8, 2009

and a 1 and a 2

Last night for YW we had a music appreciation night. One of the personal progress goals for the girls is to learn how conduct a song. Growing up I remember my mom wanting all of the youth to learn how to conduct and she made sure my siblings and I could properly lead music. I'm so grateful for that and that I was able to share my knowledge with the girls last night. We had a few of them perform for us too, it was so great to see their talents! I was a little nervous about filling our time so I convinced my sweet and talented husband to come wow us with his guitar skills! Oh and his great voice too! He did a great job, it's always fun to hear him play.

I'm so grateful for good music-especially primary songs/hymns-they always lift my mood and help me to feel/think better. Some of my favorite childhood memories are surrounded by music. My parents encouraged (never pushed) us to learn the piano and the one time I wanted to quit I just sat back and listened to my amazing mother play and I was instantly motivated to become better. I know I will probably never play as well as she does but I'm thankful that she continues to learn and share her talent.

Whenever I would be driving around with my dad listening to The Beatles/Clapton/The Eagles he would always point out the "walking bass", or the harmony etc. Often he would ask me to identify what instruments were playing, how many guitars there were, and what timing the song was in. Now whenever I'm driving or hear a song on the radio I always figure out the timing and I too have a love for a good "walking bass line".

I'm grateful that I have in-laws that love music and encouraged their children to participate in singing/performing. They all put me to shame! I love that David still plays his guitar most nights and now with Grant in the picture it is so fun to watch him reach for the guitar, yet sit back in enjoy watching his dad. David and I hope that we can instill a love of music in our children just as our families did.


We are 3. said...

I share that same love, but unfortunately did not foster any musical talents growing up. I started the piano and violin but quit waytoosoon! I wish I would have atleast stuck with the piano.

Miriam said...

What a great memory with your Dad. I love Dads.

myrna ence said...

I still need to get a piano saved for you one of these days!! Glad you still enjoy music!!