Sunday, September 20, 2009

harvest festival

Yesterday we went up to Cedarburg for the Harvest festival. It was such a pretty day to be outside walking around as a family. I swear it's the same vendors at every fest but we still like going to all the free events. We are probably their worst enemy because we refuse to pay for parking (but seriously it's like .25 miles away so how hard is that to walk and save $5?) and we usually either don't get any food or if we do we just share something. Oh I guess I should mention that it was "Wine and Harvest Fest" so obviously we didn't drink anything so once again they struck out on trying to get us so blow our money...better luck next year!

We went into two old antique shops (trying to find old sports stuff) and Grant loved looking around at everything, everyone kept commenting on how alert he was. He has always been a very curious boy which is fun now but will probably test my patience in the near future! Relax Grant it's just a tree!

Our sad attempt at a photo shoot


myrna ence said...

We love the pictures of you all, but the one of Grant looks like he is saying Hello to Grandma& Grandpa!!

Kat and Steve said...

I love that age...they just seem to take in every detail and learn so much! You all look great!

Miriam said...

Jodee when did your hair get that long! I like it!