Friday, February 13, 2009

saving it for later

David and I got a jumpstart on the v-day celebration and went out for ice-cream and a movie (Taken, I recommend it) anyway he dropped me off at the door to get our tickets and I'm standing and waiting, standing and waiting. It was super crowded and by the time David and I met up I of course had to go to the bathroom. As I pass by the mirror I see I have chocolate ice-cream stuck on my chin!!! Shoot, I spent good money on that ice-cream to just let it go to waste! This whole time nobody said anything (I never do either but wish I would) even the sweet girl that gave me the tickets didn't say a word. Huh. The best part is I was paranoid about having something in my teeth, the thought of me drooling ice-cream never crossed my mind!

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Unknown said...

I probably wouldn't have told you- In fact to add to it, I might have added a "kick me" sign to your back!