Sunday, February 8, 2009

dancing fools

Last night I had to chaperone at a youth stake dance. I was the only leader from my ward going and I was leaving David some hints to come to the dance with me. He kept asking if I wanted him to come but I did the typical girl thing and said "no it's fine" and quickly turned away. I started getting ready for the dance and it reminded me of the good ol days and how I would get all dressed up and excited to go dance and hope that certain boys were/weren't there! David agreed to go with me and my mind changed into 14 year old mode again and I kept wishing the dj would play something slow so he would sweetly ask me to dance. Well that didn't happen. Somewhere around 8:15 I switched from 14 year old to 80 year old. The music was too loud, too weird, (we kept pulling for Brian Adams) and I had to go to the bathroom every five minutes. I did try to keep the 14 year old spark in my heart by wishing the dj would play something slow. Anyway now we're dancing and once again switch over to 80 year old mode as we're swaying there we are both having aching legs and my hips felt like jello. I about fell asleep on the ride home too! Sheesh! What is happening to the spunky Jod? I blame it on the pregnancy and the fact we worked out hard that morning. Sounds good right?


Brandon and Amber said...

I totally miss stake dances and am way jealous that you got to go! There are still songs that will forever remind me of stake dances like "Forever Young" and "Somebody". Maybe I'm too old and nostalgic. Hope you had fun!

Ann-Marie said...

Brian Adams...didn't he sing "One More Night"? That was our prom theme!