Saturday, January 24, 2009

our magical Saturday

Today has been my ideal all started when I woke up to sunshine, yes I realize it's still like 7 below but hey the sun was shining and my mood could not have been brighter. I had a great workout, did some major cleaning and reorganizing (always puts me in a wonderful mood) David had a free meal at one of our favorite restaurants only to find out that in addition to his free meal (free refills too!) he got a free dessert (and not a whimy bowl of ice-cream either, this thing was perfect!) then we hit up Banana and found some major steals, followed by 4 shirts for under $10 at Old Navy! I'm just waiting for lightening to come down or our house to burn or something...we've been on the outlook all day at when this streak will end! I'm off to bake treats for my class tomorrow....on second thought maybe that will result in the house burning down. Ah it's worth a shot!


Natalie said...

ahhh i love a great day like that! it makes the whole week better. glad you could have so much success.

Emily said...

I love Saturdays like that!

Jill said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day - I hope the goodness continued through the weekend!