Monday, December 1, 2008

first time for everything

This Thanksgiving was the first time that we stayed by our lonesome selves (which made me so thankful for good friends and family). It was different not having everyone around but we tried our best to make it a fun holiday. It's probably best that we had dinner just the two if us because our meal was basically all veggies and some low fat/low sugar variation that most people wouldn't really enjoy (which makes me thankful David is so kind about my "cooking") I had my first attempt at making a pumpkin pie (with gingersnap crust!) and making whole wheat rolls from scratch. It was fun to try new recipes. After dinner we just watched movies (we can never watch Home Alone too much)and relaxed in our festive house. This was the first year our decorations were up like Nov. 16th!!!

Friday night our cute little town put on a parade. This was the first time that we had seen it (not sure what we did last year) I don't know what was going on with me but I just felt like bawling the WHOLE time. Before it started I just sat in the car listening to Christmas music (which I am thankful for!) and watched all the friends and family outside and it got me so excited for Christmas. Once the parade started the water works just came on....there were all these old people in the parade that you know were having the time of their life and all these cute little cheerleaders and boy scouts etc. etc. We even had the Milwaukee Brewers Sausages in our parade, impressive eh??? Anyway it was a fun holiday this year!


Kat and Steve said...

Glad you made the most of what could have been a lonely day. You cried at the parade, though? Were you just missing home and family or was it really that touching? You're too cute.

We are 3. said...

whats the verdict??

Paul said...

You said it. I could watch Home Alone every friday night until New Years.

myrna ence said...

You amaze me sometimes about what you can cook. You didn't learn that from me. Love the apron on you!

Addie Gaylord said...

look at you little betty crocker!! way to go.
i don't blame you for the tears. mine fall at the liberty mutual commercials and sometimes those dumb budweiser christmas commercials.
hormones stink.