Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sweetest day my bum....

I totally think this whole "sweetest day" holiday is a complete joke. It's just one more excuse for people to become full on food and wasted on booze. We have this entertainment book and since I got off work early we decided to make the drive up to Hartford to try a new restaurant (since it was a buy one get one deal) anyway after waiting for a table (which there were like 10 open ones but oh no we waited a good 15minutes) we hand them our little coupon only to find out that they don't accept them on holidays and well since "sweetest day" is a national holiday and all they wouldn't budge on giving us the discount. Uh the nerve. To make it worse I order a sandwich with no mayo and when they brought it out the fries were missing.

I respond -"oh I thought fries came with this."
crazy restaurant lady -"yeah you said you didn't want fries"
David- "no she said no mayo...not no fries"
crazy lady- "oh I thought it was no fries"

oh well atleast there was a nasty lady who kept applying layers and layers of makeup on during her meal.


Lindsey said...

I've never heard of the Sweetest Day Holiday. What is it? Sounds like you got a bum rap all around.

Jodee Luke said...

yeah...that's the question we are still trying to figure out;)

Iris said...

Jodee, you crack me up. Let's hang out this week sometime!

Kent and Leisy said...

how aggravating. and how does a national holiday only stick to half the nation anyway?