Monday, September 15, 2008

24 Hours

Let the countdown begin....24 hours until The Biggest Loser!!!!


Brandon and Amber said...

So I totally watched this show because of you!

And yes, to answer your question, Libby is Jason's sister. How do you know her?

Mark and Tawni said...

Ya, Mark and I tuned in and it was good. Looks like it's going to be a good one this year. I don't know if you got a flat iorn yet but I got my at TJMax I don't know if you have one there if not go to Sally's and really it's up to you, whatever you want.Just get something ceramic. If you want a really nice and high priced get a Chi. They are good. But around $200. Up to you really. Hope that helps.

codyandmeag said...

Hey Jodee-- I found your blog from Kara's-- Kara told me a long time ago that she knew you guys in Milwaukee but I just barely figured out who Jodee and David really were. (This is Meagan Ellgen by the way) It was fun reading your blog... If you want to check out ours it is, we just barely decided to go private but if you email me I will send you an invite... well glad things are going well talk to you later.