Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hikin' n' Bikin'

Since Milwaukee is the birthplace of Harley they had a lil' 105th anniversary here....well actually not so lil'. David and I decided to go to Waukesha for the free Joe Nichols concert (we were supposed to see him for our very first date back in 2003) the concert was okay, I felt like I could have popped the cd in my house and sat on the couch and had the same experience. There were just too many smokin'- balding-bandana lovin'-tat crazed people there for my liking. Yeah you could say we stood out, especially since I was hiding my nose in my shirt to get away from the smoke. We called it a night like 30 minutes into the show. Once again the Luke's strike out with the parties. It was pretty cool to see all the "hogs" though.

On Saturday we took advantage of the nice weather (and my morning off) and hiked Lapham Peak. This is where we go skiing so it was fun to see what it actually looked like once all the snowmen melted and the leaves decided to come out. We are for sure planning on going up there in the fall, it is so beautiful. I have to give kudos to Lapham Peak for actually having some pretty steep hills, granted they didn't last long but my bum is hurting this morning so that's a good sign right?!?

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