Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ah dry weather........

Like 11-12 days ago David and I packed our suitcases and scooted on over to ColoRADo. *It totally stinks that all of our vacation days are spent there...don't get me wrong I love it but I sure wish we lived within driving distance* My best friends wedding (more to come) and David's 10 year high school reunion were during the same week so we took advantage of the rootin' tootin' good time and flew out for both.

It was so nice to be in ColoRADo again and have nice DRY air and mountains. On Friday we went on a little "hike" with the fam up to Fish Creek Falls. Yeah we were pretty much the only people not in hiking gear. *I'm wearing $7 ballet flats*

It was really cute our little nephew obediently came over to his mom and took off his hat and explained that the sign read "no hats allowed". We looked at the sign and saw the picture of a tent and realized he thought it was a hat. Poor guy. Rest assured the Wicked Witch of the West will NOT be at Fish Creek Falls.

Friday night we went to the reunion, it was crazy to see some people. Yes I didn't go to school with them but when you live in a small town you look through yearbooks and what not. I should have worn my "I'm ________ little sister" nametag, bummer I forgot it. Anyway it was interesting because there were a handful of people there who did NOT graduate in 98....2006? Yeah pretty sure that doesn't qualify as a "10 year reunion" party-goer. Looks like someone slept through math class eh? Hey if there is beer there is a way! *David, myself, 3 other mo's and 2 pregnant women were the only non-drinkers there* we also called it a night at like 11:00. Party pooper?...say it loud and proud. Overall the reunion was really fun and it was a good chance for me to meet some of his friends and for us to catch up.

On Monday our families had a little bbq at my parents home. It was nice to be out in the open fields and just enjoy the company. David and I feel so blessed to have parents that get along so well. Thanks for the fun night! *we're still getting smoke out of our clothes!*

Gotta run...well sleep is more like it.


Ann-Marie said...

so fun!!! What little I can see of your hair, I like! :) More pix please.

Kat and Steve said...

Oh, I don't know Jodee...you guys have always been quite the party-ers. Did ya really stay away from all the alcohol?!