Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Six Flags

Since we live about an hour away from Six Flags in IL we made the wise choice to go on Friday. David was cute and had a hot breakfast ready for all of us (I was a little skeptical if it would be "power food" or " puke food" for us on the rides but it turned out that nobody threw up or had problems :)

Some things that I loved about our Six Flags trip:
*The smell of ice-cream cones, nuts, cotton candy (bummer I have to work like 15 hours to pay for a small lemonade)
*The thrill of ride after ride-no matter how tired your feet are you always have a little more left in you to travel across the whole park.
*Walking as fast as I could to a ride without looking like I was anxious-I mean after all I am an adult :)
*Convincing Jordan that the Raging Bull would be an "experience of a life time"-funny how we always tell kids to not fall into peer pressure but then we're like "oh try this ice-cream it's my favorite", "come on you'll be the only one not on the ride-you'll love it I promise!"
*The slow beginnings of rides...AAAHHHHHH!!!

Some "not so good" things about the trip:
*Rain + wind = rides closed for 2 hours
*Eigth graders holding hands, hugging, cutting in line and singing along with the Six Flags music (if you can't tell I didn't like having bus loads of eighth graders there)
*Being stuck in the "flying" position on the Superman...it was still my favorite ride
*Having my head feel like a human pinball machine on the Raging Bull (will I go again? You bet!)
*The wonderful idea we had to go to the indoor Batman ride while it was rainy outside...seems like everyone in the park had that same great idea! 1 hour later we managed to get on our 20 second Batman ride! Hey atleast I was able to listen to those 8th graders sing while we stood in line!
*"cheap" parking that was still probably in WI...as if we needed to do anymore walking
*I hate getting wet on rides and then walking around with crusty jeans...sorry we didn't go with you on the ride Jansen...good thing you have a nice dad!

Dustin and Jansen with wet hair, clothes, feet etc.

David and I caved and bought season passes. Is that childish? Yeah I thought so. Who cares, I'm SSOO excited to go again!


Jill said...

Six Flags sure brings back the good old days, doesn't it?!? You really took me back with some of those comments. We only live about 15 minutes away and I haven't been in 2 years. I need to go soon - thanks for the extra nudge!

Angie Lewis said...

Glad you had fun - I'm jealous! I totally want to go! :)

Emily said...

ahhhhh I LOVE six flags! I was afraid of roller coasters my whole life and then one trip I just loved it!! How annoying to have all those 8th graders there! I would've been ticked if they cut in front of me! :)

Kat and Steve said...

I haven't been to an amusement park in years! In fact, the last time was probably when I was one of those annoying 8th graders. No, it hasn't actually been quite that long. Anyway, looks like you guys have had so much fun with your family in town. We need to come visit you, you're great hosts!

Macdonalds said...

We love amusement parks. Looks like you had a great time. I hate the soggy, then crusty jeans too, yuck. We are going to the one in California in July when we visit my family. Your pictures made me extra excited!

Natalie said...

ok...TOTALLY jealous ;(

Ence Family said...

Yes, Six Flags was great and so was everything else you took us to. Thanks Jodee and Dave for letting us come and invade you with our long visit. I am so glad we were able to make it work and come out to see you. I hope that we did not wear out our welcome too much!:O)

L D said...

I personally visit SF America & Great Adventure. I just gifted my nephews and the whole family 8 tickets to SF Great America using a Six Flags Coupon online. I hope they like the park.