Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ok wrap it up

I should probably finish my little vacation with the family story before it is too late! On Saturday we headed down to Chicago because when you live that close that's what you do! We just walked around Navy Pier, The Magnificent Mile, hit up the Hershey store and had some fab deep-dish pizza which by the way is turning out to be my favorite meal. It's pretty cool because on the Chicago Tribune building the bottom is made up of stones from all 50 states and various places in the world. The Salt Lake Temple is on the north side of the building. Sorry the picture didn't work out.

After church on Sunday we drove around downtown...yes you actually have to drive around because Milwaukee is crazy and doesn't really have a "downtown" street or anything....or one that we know of! Anyway after that we drove up to Port Washington, it was actually really cool. It's this little town right on the lake and we were able to walk right down to the boats and everything(I'm convinced that I could get into boating). There was a little park near the lake so we just played on that and in the grass for awhile.

As we were heading home we made a little detour to see Dustin Diamonds house-aka this guy. I was a little shocked because it was just a normal house, I mean I still can't afford it but for being on Saved By the Bell (and like every version of it too) I just assumed he would live somewhere a little bigger. Too bad Zack and Kelly weren't there-they were probably at a dance or pep rally. I'm sure Lisa was out shopping and AC (pig) was flirting with Jessie (that little caffeine pill-popper).... We managed to get home before it was time for bed which meant one thing...a quick game of TICKET TO RIDE. Yeah I won 3 out of 4 times thank you very much!

Monday afternoon we drove to Madison to take my family to the airport. I was super sleepy and probably not that fun to be around. Anyway thanks for coming out guys, we hope you had a fun time!


Ashli Miller said...

I love Giordano's!!

Kat and Steve said...

Yeah, you'd think Screech would be livin' it up.

Kent and Leisy said...

giordano's pizza is delicious! did you have their deep dish spinach pizza? AMAZING.

Kent and Leisy said...

oh- and since you seem to love roller coasters- if you ever want to go to cedar point (the world's craziest amusement park) you are more than welcome to bunk at our place in toledo!!

Brandon and Amber said...

It's always nice to find another die hard Saved By the Bell fan. My best friend and I used to do trivia questions and yes, I even owned the game. You guys are always doing something fun!