Friday, March 14, 2008

Yes I am alive!

Well I'm not sure why I haven't blogged in awhile but here goes nothin'. Last Saturday we went with some friends to the "Domes" which are pretty much 3 domes that are filled with plants and flowers and what not. We only got to go into the "desert" and "tropical" domes because the other one was closed. It was pretty interesting because they were having this like hippy-tree hugging cleansing fair thing going on. There were these little stations set up around the domes where people could by "healing oils" and get a message with special miracle beans or something. Yeah we passed on that. It was just nice to be in a warm place and remember what flowers look like! Since it was pretty humid in there I decided to not post the picture of David and I due to the fact that my makeup melted off! Oh and to end the trip we went to Chili's....all in all a great day!

On Wednesday we went with a bunch of Kohls/BYU grads to the Jazz/Bucks game. Sure we had the nosebleed seats but it was still really fun. Just a typical game....we're ahead....they are ahead...too close for comfort....we finally pulled out with a win so that made the car ride home much more enjoyable! I don't know about you but I'm excited that it's FRIDAY!!!


Kat and Steve said...

I can't believe you passed on the healing oils. I bet they would have brought out the hippy in you, I know it's in there somewhere. We watched that basketball game and wondered if you two had gone astray and become Bucks fans. Glad you're still loyal!

Angie Lewis said...

The domes are pretty fun, although we didn't get to experience the hippy healing oils when we went...darn! I wish we could have come to the game too...the kid wins out though! We need to hang out again :)