Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter regrets

When my sister was 16 she ran over a bunny the night before Easter and so somehow that means that I don't get Easter baskets anymore....with that being said David and I did not have any Easter candy this year! Gasp! Well unless he had some without me knowing! We're trying to save money (and calories) so I nixed the whole idea....which later regretted! I decided to hit up the local Pick n' Save for some sweet deals on candy yesterday only to find that every shelf was empty!!! I guess that's a sign I should just eat fruit and veggies!

Anyway we had a great Easter, I gave the sharing time lesson in church, we had a fab dinner with friends. Oh and to top it off the Lees GAVE us two of our favorite movies. Mean Girls...seriously I have every line stored in the memory bank, and Never Ending Story I & II. What could be better??? Um actually an Easter without snow could have been better but that's besides the point.


Addie Gaylord said...

Jodee- WHY do you live there? j/k Please pack your belongings and David and head to AZ with us and Randa:) Now doesn't that sound like fun? Maybe until July and it becomes so hot the makeup melts off your face. Smart move on skipping the candy, once you start to deal with kid's baskets you get your fair share of candy.

Angie Lewis said...

Unfortunately I won't be watching your two favorite movies with you...but I did thoroughly enjoy your cheddar biscuit/muffin things - they were delightful! :)

Brandon and Amber said...

I've only seen Mean Girls once a long time ago, but I thought it was hilarious!