Wednesday, January 23, 2008

False Alarm

well this whole time I've been telling people that I'm done on the 24th and I should be...I should have been done on the 14th of Dec!!! Anyway it turns out that they need my help on Friday so instead of being done tomorrow I will be done teaching on the 25th! Geez! I'm not too bummed because it's only a half day and I can wear jeans! Yes I know it's silly that I'm excited to wear denim but I only really wear it on's the little things that get me excited!

So I'm an awful wife and didn't take pictures on David's birthday (last Saturday) and to top it off I didn't even do anything that special. Just the usual...unwrap gifts (that I wrapped in a plastic bag because the wrapping paper was too hard to get to, yes I know I'm awful!!!) we had a stake temple trip that day so we went shopping in Chicago and found some killer deals at Banana, ate at a yummy mexican place then Wendy's for dinner....I didn't even get him a cake! Wow this is a birthday for the books! I'd be sad if that's what we did on my birthday-thank goodness he's not me! Anyway I just want to give a big shout out to my hubby! He's the best, I'm one lucky girl!

Did anyone watch The Biggest Loser last night??? Totally bummed that they cheated...actually I'm not bummed I'm down right mad at them. I LOVE the blue and orange teams but after that lil' stunt I was upset. I'm not mad that they wanted the black team off but that they lied about it. I'll forgive them this time but Bob better push em' next week that's all I gotta say.


Kat and Steve said...

Happy Birthday to David! Sounds similar to the type of birthday plans I tend to make. I should really do something about that.

Natalie said...

happy late birthday dave! excited to see you guys next week!

Dustin Ence said...

Congrats on finishing up Jodee! We're proud of you. Also happy late birthday Dave.