Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bring on the snow!!!!

This morning when I was getting ready I was thinking about how tired I was and how I just want to sleep when lo and behold the phone rings. It was my mentor teacher informing me that school was cancelled due to the snow. Could this be real???? A free day off??? Yes folks it was true I had the whole glorious day to due as I pleased! To start it off I decided to crawl back in bed....and stayed there until 10:00. Then off to the gym (which is remodeled and I totally love it!), clean off snowy car, then to Pick n' Save for some ingredients for my holiday baking, clean off snowy car again, get a phone call from David saying that work was also cancelled, meet Dave at the mall, try to secretly buy Christmas presents for David with David, come home, blog, wrap Christmas presents, begin laundry, dishes, sweeping, oh yeah and making chocolate covered pretzels....yummy! Man I could really get used to this staying at home stuff. The only downfall is that I have a runny nose (rhinorrhea for all you medical buffs!) so I couldn't enjoy myself as much....that's why I was sleeping until 10:00. Oh how sad is this when I first heard that I didn't have to go into school my immediate thought was "YES I CAN WATCH THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!!" then I remembered that Bob is no longer on and it is pointless to watch and I got really sad. Anyway all in all it was a great day, the best part is is that the school makes up "snow days" in June and I will no longer be there so....FREE DAY FOR ME!!! Well I only have 5 hours of this day left so I better make it count!


Natalie said...

awesome jodee!! so happy for you. i think we could all use a day off every now and then... so if anyone ever wants to watch carson let me know! jk:)

Clay and Katy said...

i always loved snow days...although in Illinois they we rarely had them!!! sounds like you got a lot accomplished...you would think i would be able to do all of that everyday but no!

Kat and Steve said...

Okay well, sorry about the rhinorrhea. That's unfortunate. But yay for snow days! I remember only like 2 snow days total growing up. What a rip-off!