Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wide open spaces

Last week I had 3 days off from school...you got to love those, anyway my sister is having a baby like anyday so her friends and family in Arizona decided to throw her a babyshower. I was totally bummed because there was NO way that I could go...considering I live like 30+ hours away. Well it turned out that the babyshower was going to be during my little break and we managed to make it work for me to go visit my sister in Arizona (thanks mom and dad!) it was so much fun. My mom was also there to help with my sister so that made it even more fun to visit. I flew in on Wednesday and then came back late Saturday night. I have two extrememly cute neices and had a blast playing....and dancing....with them. I just loved being in an open space where I could see for more than 50 ft in front of me, don't get me wrong the trees are beautiful out here but seriously I sometimes feel trapped. When we lived in Arizona I would laugh at the locals for talking about their "mountains", being a Colorado girl I knew that those were not mountains! Anyway after living in Wisconsin for 5 months I was so excited to see the "mountains" in Arizona! Oh did I mention there was a Bajio in Arizona???? Yeah I made sure that we stopped by for lunch...thanks sis. Oh by the way the shower was a blast and she got some darling stuff, it was so nice to see everyone and just a fun and relaxing trip.


Kat and Steve said...

So excited to hear from my Jodee again! I've missed your posts, I swear I can hear you talking when I read them. Anyway, glad you got a little get-away and have a chance to 'breathe.'

Ann-Marie said...

I'm glad you got to see your family. Sounds like a bunch of fun. What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

Macdonalds said...

It's nice to know you had some fun time with your family. That is great!