Monday, August 27, 2007

Rad Brad

Saturday was the Brad Paisley concert. It had been raining all week but luckily it was a beautiful night. Taylor Swift, Jack Ingram and Kelly Pickler opened for Brad and they were all so amazing. I was having a hard time focusing on the music because the batteries in my camera thought it would be a great idea to die the first 5 minutes we were there!!! Talk about frustrating...I promise we were really at the concert though ;) I finally blocked it out of my mind and had a great time. Brad is a GREAT performer, he had so much energy and was enjoying himself. The only bad thing about the concert was the fact that EVERYONE was drinking...grandmas, teens, everyone. Brad has a song "Alcohol" and I swear the locals think it is the National anthem because when he sang it everyone was on their feet singing along-probably with their hands on their heart and a beer in each hand. Oh it was ridiculous...that's Milwaukee for ya!


Ann-Marie said...

That is so fun. I love a good concert. Too bad Geo would never take me to country. Way to go Dave!

Kat and Steve said...

I'm jealous. In fact, your last post inspired me to check for Brad Paisley tickets here. Much to my dismay, he is not coming here anytime soon. So thanks for having a great time in our behalf!