Friday, August 10, 2007

Mama mia!

So David HAD to go to Chicago for work (what a job!) to see the layout and what not of a Kohl's store down there, so of course I tagged along and we made a day out of it. We went to this AMAZING pizza place that was actually voted "best pizza" according to New York Times, Yahoo and Chicago Tribune etc. We were so excited to take home our leftovers and very surprised that we actually remembered...needless to say we left them on the sidewalk while we took pictures of the buildings! GGRRR!!!


Paul said...

blackberry phones going's greatest pizza getting left on the sidewalk... need to start carrying a lucky rabbit's foot in your pocket (or purse for Jodee)

Lindsey said...

We ate there in February when we were in Chicago. Great pizza, but so much cheese!

Kat and Steve said...

I've had that pizza before. There is a guy I work with that went to Chicago on a mission and couldn't get over that pizza. So one night we had that pizza shipped to us (is that the weirdest thing...having pizza shipped from Chicago?). I had my doubts, but it actually tasted pretty good. By the way, I'm so glad you have a blog now. I love it!